Amir Salehian Biography, Wiki, Age, Income, Girlfriend

Amir Salehian Biography, Wiki, Age, Income, Girlfriend

Amir Salehian is a singer, actor, musician, and songwriter from Iran. He has also worked in many films, which has made him a good name for himself.

Amir Salehian Biography

He is a singer, songwriter, musician, and actor. He started his career with EDM Music in 2021, then he released his first instrumental music from a reputable label in 2022. Aamir thought of making his song after that.

Then after this, Amir thought of making his career in the music industry and later started making music in a new way. It tells a different real story in his songs. Amir Salehian has worked in many films and Iranian cinema. 

That film is very much liked, it works in its free time to practice, read books and think and work for its future, in this way Amir Salehian believes in his work and works hard, due to which many people today Amir is a fan of Salehian and likes him a lot today. He has also made his excellent name.

Amir Salehian Personal Details 

Artist Information
Real Name Amir Salehian
Artist Name Amir Salehian
Age 19 Above
Country Iran
GirlfriendNot Know
Hair Color Black
EYE Color Black
Address Mahabad
Interest Not Know
Family Not Know

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