Indian Hip Hop: It's The Culture (Top 50 Indian Rapper)

Top Indian Hip Hop Artists
Top Indian Hip Hop Artists

Hip-hop is a music genre rooted in the African-American community, but it has become a global phenomenon. The genre has become so popular that it is now being embraced by people of all kinds of ethnicities, including Indians. Indian hip-hop is no longer just about dance moves; it is now an art form with its unique history and culture.

Indian Hip Hop: It's The Culture: A blog about the Indian hip hop scene.

Raftaar and Krsna
Raftaar and Krsna

Indian hip-hop tracks are characterized by their strong beats and lyrics that reflect India's rich diversity. The songs are often based on traditional Indian folk music with modern elements added to make them stand out from their Western counterparts. They share many similarities with other forms of hip-hop music and can be used as an instrument for social change or entertainment.

Indian hip-hop artists have been making waves worldwide since the early 2000s, when they started gaining popularity in the US market. They have been able to achieve success because they can fuse traditional Indian sounds with Western styles of music, creating something new and exciting for listeners worldwide!

Yo Yo Honey Singh
Yo Yo Honey Singh

Here's a list of 50+ Indian rappers, along with brief descriptions of their contributions to the Indian hip-hop scene:

Top 50 Indian Rapper Name List


Known for his raw and authentic storytelling, Divine, whose real name is Vivian Fernandes, played a pivotal role in bringing attention to Mumbai's gully rap with hits like "Mere Gully Mein."


Naved Shaikh, known as Naezy, is recognized for his socially conscious lyrics and was a key figure in popularizing Mumbai's underground rap scene.

Emiway Bantai

Emiway, with his catchy tracks and aggressive style, gained immense popularity on social media and YouTube.


Dilin Nair, also known as Raftaar, is not only a rapper but also a music producer and has been a significant influencer in the Indian hip-hop scene.

MC Stan 

Stanislaus Jude, better known as MC Stan, is known for his unique flow and intense lyrics that resonate with the youth.

Brodha V

A versatile artist blending rap and hip-hop, Brodha V, known as Vignesh Shivanand, is recognized for his distinctive style.

Prabh Deep

Hailing from Delhi, Prabh Deep is known for his hard-hitting lyrics and has been a prominent figure in the Indian underground hip-hop scene.


Krishna Kaul, known by his stage name Kr$na, is recognized for his lyricism and versatility in his music.


Siri Narayan, known as Siri, is a talented female rapper who has made her mark with her unique style and powerful voice.

Dee MC

Deepa Unnikrishnan, popularly known as Dee MC, is one of the few female rappers in India known for her skilful rhymes and stage presence.


Dhaval Parab, known as D'Evil, is known for his punchy bars and collaborations with various artists.

Encore ABJ

A part of the duo Seedhe Maut, Encore ABJ (Ashwini Mishra) showcases an aggressive and distinctive rap style.

Seedhe Maut

Comprised of Encore ABJ and Calm, Seedhe Maut is known for its hard-hitting and energetic performances.


This collective, including Kinga Rhymes, Gami, and Yoku B.I.G., gained attention for their collaborative tracks.

Youngsta Ash

Ashwini Mishra, known as Youngsta Ash, is recognized for his impactful and powerful lyrics.


Gaurav Meena, known as Muhfaad, is known for his intense and relatable lyrics.


Nitin Mishra, also known as Spitfire, gained recognition for his exceptional lyrical content and poetic style.


Tadipaar, with his gritty and unapologetic style, has made a notable impact on the Indian hip-hop scene.


Yungsta, with his distinct style, has carved a niche for himself in the Indian rap scene.

Prateek Kuhad

Though predominantly a singer-songwriter, Prateek Kuhad's song "Cold/mess" was featured in the Netflix series "Mismatched", and his music often carries elements of hip-hop in his storytelling.

Ikka Singh

Ikka Singh, known as Ikka, is a rapper and lyricist who has collaborated with various artists across genres.


An artist known for his intricate wordplay and versatile style, Krsna (Krishna Kaul) has made a mark in the Indian rap scene.

Fotty Seven

A part of the Mumbai rap scene, Fotty Seven, known as Faris Shafi, gained recognition for his tracks like "Baap Se."


Karma, with his socially relevant and impactful lyrics, has gained a following in the Indian rap community.


Pradhan is known for his thought-provoking lyrics and versatile style.

Big Deal

Big Deal, known for his distinctive voice and impactful lyrics, has contributed to the Indian hip-hop scene.

Shah Rule

Shah Rule, with his versatile style and multilingual rapping, has made a name for himself in the Indian music industry.


Loka, with his unique blend of Hindi and English in his rap, has gained attention in the hip-hop community.


Kakkar, known for his storytelling and impactful music, has made his presence felt in the Indian rap scene.

MC Heam

MC Heam, with his sharp lyrics and distinct flow, is making strides in the Indian hip-hop community.


Void, known for his powerful and intense rap, has carved a niche in the Indian rap scene.


Ahmer Javed, known as Ahmer, is known for his socially conscious and powerful lyrics.

Naezy The Baa

Another name under which Naezy releases music, known for his thought-provoking and impactful tracks.


Part of the duo Seedhe Maut, Calm's energetic performance and impactful rap have made an impression on the Indian hip-hop scene.


Cizzy, with his lyrical prowess and distinct style, has gained attention in the Indian rap community.


Shizty, known for his versatile style and impactful music, is making waves in the Indian hip-hop scene.


Tienas, known for his introspective and thoughtful lyrics, has gained a following in the Indian rap scene.


Samurai, with his storytelling and powerful rap, has made his presence felt in the Indian hip-hop community.


This duo, made up of Lucky and Nottotune, has gained recognition for their music with a blend of Punjabi and English.

Sikander Kahlon

Sikander Kahlon, known for his distinct style and impactful rap, has made an impression in the Indian community.


This collective, composed of two emcees, Dopeadelicz and Stony Psyko, brings a unique energy to the Indian hip-hop scene.


Krishh, known for his engaging rap style and thought-provoking lyrics, is making strides in the Indian rap community.


Frenzzy, known for his impactful and relatable rap, is making waves in the Indian hip-hop scene.


Raga, with his multilingual rap and unique style, has made an impression in the Indian rap community.

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