Sayed Aarish Ali, a resident of Jhansi, is getting famous with his music, so let's know about him.

Sayed Aarish Ali, a resident of Jhansi, is getting famous with his music, so let's know about him.

You must have known about Sayed Aarish Ali but many people do not know much about him and want to get all the information about him, people only know that he is an actor, and singer but people know more about him. want to know more like.

Sayed Aarish Ali
Sayed Aarish Ali

Sayed Aarish Ali's biography, age, girlfriend, income, wife, and many more information today we are going to give you in this article.

Who is Sayed Aarish Ali

He is a singer, actor, writer, and music artist. He was born on February 23, 2003, so his age is 19 years as of now, his place of birth is Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh and he still lives in Uttar Pradesh.

Sayed Aarish Ali Biography

This is an Indian artist, he was born in Uttar Pradesh, when he was first called to sing a song in a school program, he performed very well, due to which his family members supported him a lot, although at that time this song was a part of the music. Didn't know much about it but still a very good program

Sayed Aarish Ali started his youtube channel at the age of 15 he is a YouTuber and musician and today he is performing very well and has become very famous because he believed in himself that he can become a very good artist.

Sayed Aarish Ali has been very creative since childhood, but seeing his interest in music, the people living with him and his parents supported him a lot and even today, his parents' name is Ashraf Ali and his mother's name is shaheen Ali.

Sayed Aarish Ali Career

Apart from being an Indian artist, he is also a YouTuber, he has more than 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel, more than 1 million views on his YouTube channel, and is a music artist, who publishes music videos on his YouTube channel. Hai Sayed Aarish Ali is best known as an actor in the movie Bedardi Wala Pyaar

I hope you have got all the information about Sayed Aarish Ali, we have given you all the information about them, hope you liked this article and you will definitely share it with your friends.

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