Rapperiya Baalam Biography - Age, Girlfriend, Income

Rapperiya Baalam is a popular Rajasthani rapper, singer, and music composer. he was born in the Jaipur district of Rajasthan in 1992 and has gained recognition through his songs.

Rapperiya Baalam
Rapperiya Baalam

His music talks a lot about Rajasthan, and he has not only made a name for himself but also given the state a distinct identity in the music industry.

Today, we will share with you Rapperiya Baalam's Biography, his career and struggles, and provide information about him that is not widely available on the internet. So, let's begin.

Rapperiya Baalam Biography

Rapperiya Baalam was born in Jaipur, and he has gained recognition through his songs. Some of his popular songs include "Shoorveer," "Shoorveer 3," "Mharo Rajasthan," and "Jaipur Anthem."

Rapperiya Baalam
Rapperiya Baalam Instagram

He has been passionate about writing songs since his childhood and learned to play the keyboard and piano before starting his own YouTube channel, Rapperiya Baalam.

He decided to turn the rap songs he had written during school into actual songs.

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His main genre is folk rap, which is popular among many people. Two of his songs, "Shoorveer" and "Shoorveer 3," are loved by people all over India. 

They are based on Maharana Pratap, who is the pride of Rajasthan, and Shivaji Maharaj.

Rapperiya Baalam
Rapperiya Baalam Shoorveer

Rapperiya Baalam makes his own songs and is both a music producer and composer. His hard work and dedication have earned him a great reputation in Rajasthan.

Personal Details

Real Name Not Known
Artist Name Rapperiya Baalam
Age 30
Date Of Birth 1992
Residence Rajsthan
Country India
Nationalty Indian
Passion Music
Religion Hindu
Birth Location Jaipur

Family Details

Father Not Known
Mother Not Known
Sister Not Known
Brother Not Known
Gf/Wife Not Known

Rapperiya Baalam Songs List

  • Shoorveer
  • Shoorveer 2
  • Shoorveer 3
  • Krantikaari
  • Jaipur Anthem
  • Mhara Rajsthan

Social Links

Instagram Link
Facebook Link
Twitter Link
Youtube Link
Spotify Link

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