Dhanda Nyoliwala Biography - Age, Wife, Struggle, Village, Cast, Income

Dhanda Nyoliwala is a Haryanvi singer and rapper whose songs are widely popular. One of his songs, Up To U, is very liked.

Right now, there are about 8,00,000 listeners on his Spotify. In today's article, we will tell you about him that very few people know.

Dhanda Nyoliwala
Dhanda Nyoliwala

Dhanda Nyoliwala Biography

Dhanda Nyoliwala's real name is Parveen Dhanda. He is a Haryanvi singer born in Nyoli village. As of 2023, He is 28 and currently living in Australia.

There are three more members in his family: his mother, father, and younger brother; Parveen's father is a government teacher.

Dhanda Nyoliwala Biography
Dhanda Nyoliwala Biography

By the way, Hip Hop started in the Haryanvi industry long ago, to which artists like MD Singer, KD Desi Rockstar, and Pardhan have contributed a lot.

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But as soon as Dhanda Nyoliwala stepped into the Haryanvi music industry, people's perspectives of Haryanvi hip hop changed.

Dhanda Nyoliwala History
Dhanda Nyoliwala Village

He completed his studies in Hisar in 2016. He decided to go to Australia in 2018, and after leaving, he gave hit songs one after the other.

Dhanda Nyoliwala Hit Songs List

  1. Up To U
  2. 4 Days
  3. No Mercy
  4. Afgan
  5. Bitch
  6. Khesi

Dhanda Nyoliwala's marriage happened in 2018. Haryanvi people like the different styles of her songs.

He has made most of his songs on Trap and Drill Beats. 

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Many people have started liking him because they had never heard a Haryanvi Voice on Drill or Trap Beat in Haryanvi Music Industry.

Matty, Music Producer, makes Dhanda music.

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