Spitty: Brampton-Based Indian Rapper Biography and Journey in Music

Spitty is an Indian rapper and community leader who is based in Brampton, Canada. His songs are currently being heard by a large number of people, as they are creating a unique perspective among many individuals through his music.

Brampton-Based Indian Rapper Biography and Journey in Music

Spitty: Brampton-Based Indian Rapper | Biography and Musical Journey

His album "Full Circle" has gained immense popularity worldwide. Even in India, it is being loved by many. 

Spitty has created a distinct identity for himself, which is being recognized in India as well. 

This album has been highlighted by Rolling Stone India and Much Music Canada, which has allowed it to reach a wider audience.


Spitty is an incredible artist who is currently making waves. He recently performed at a sold-out concert in Toronto, further solidifying his fan base. 

Many people not only appreciate his work but also commend him for his accomplishments.

In 2023, Spitty was featured in Complex Canada and serves as the Brampton Artist Ambassador, doing excellent work for aspiring artists. 

They organize Free Open Mic Events every month to create a supportive community for talented artists. As a result, even young artists today have started to appreciate him.

This line of work is not easy, and very few artists genuinely think about others. The reason people admire him is not only that but also his unique style of songwriting and performing.

His single tracks have been featured on HotNewHipHop and Rolling Stone India. He also gave motivational speeches in several schools last year to inspire students. 

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His goal is to release a single track almost every month to maintain consistency.

We hope you now have an understanding that Spitty is a growing artist who serves as an inspiration for new artists. He cannot simply be labeled as a rapper or singer, as he imparts lessons and motivates people through his music.

Our purpose in sharing this information is to motivate new artists and help them learn something new. We hope that all of you will become great artists, just like him.

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