Mumbai's Top Hip-Hop Artists

Hip Hop Artist of Mumbai
Hip Hop Artist of Mumbai 

In the vibrant mosaic of Mumbai's diverse cultural scene, hip-hop has emerged as a resonating voice, encapsulating the city's pulse and spirit. The bustling streets and the stories of struggle, dreams, and triumph find a melodic expression through the beats and rhymes of these extraordinary artists. 

Top Hip Hop Artists Of Mumbai

Let's take a closer look at the top Mumbai-based hip-hop artists who have not just crafted music but have become the heartbeat of the city's rap culture.

1. Divine—The Voice of the Streets:

Vivian Fernandes, known by his stage name Divine, is an artist whose lyrics encapsulate the raw essence of Mumbai's streets. His journey from the alleys of Andheri to the world stage is a testament to his unwavering dedication. Songs like "Jungli Sher" and "Meri Gully Mein" resonate with the everyday struggles and aspirations of the city's youth, making Divine the true voice of the streets.

2. Naezy, The Maverick Wordsmith:

Naved Shaikh, popularly known as Naezy, weaves his lyrical magic by depicting the realities of Mumbai's underprivileged neighborhoods. His track "Aafat" showcased his prowess and set the stage for his meteoric rise in the hip-hop circuit. Naezy's words are a vivid portrayal of the city's grassroots, making him a revolutionary wordsmith.

3. Emiway Bantai, The Independent Sensation:

Bilal Shaikh, or Emiway Bantai, has etched his name as an independent sensation in Mumbai's hip-hop universe. His fiery flow and bold attitude in tracks like "Machayenge" and "Khatam" have garnered him a massive following, establishing him as a prominent figure in the Indian rap scene.

4. D'Evil, The Multifaceted Maestro:

Dhaval Parab, aka D'Evil, is a rapper, producer, and songwriter whose versatile skills have earned him recognition. His tracks like "Kadki" and "Kranti" showcase not only his lyrical finesse but also his ability to produce tracks that resonate with the audience on a profound level.

5. MC Altaf, The Young Prodigy:

At a young age, Altaf Shaikh, known as MC Altaf, has made significant strides in the hip-hop arena. His tracks like "Bombay City" and "Chakna Choor" reflect his vibrant energy and lyrical dexterity, making him a promising talent in the city's rap scene.

6. Kaam Bhaari, The Flow Maestro:

Kunal Pandagale, recognized as Kaam Bhaari, is a force to be reckoned with, known for his rapid-fire flow and innovative wordplay. His tracks like "Zeher" and "Yeh Saali" showcase his unique style and command over the craft, earning him accolades in the industry.

7. Bantaiz, The Crew on the Rise:

A collective of talented artists, 7Bantaiz, brings dynamic energy to Mumbai's hip-hop landscape. Comprising artists like King, Nottotune, and Dopeadelicz, their collaborative tracks like "Aai Shapath" and "Aath Rasta" exude a blend of diverse styles, contributing to the city's rap renaissance.


These Mumbai-based hip-hop artists are not merely musicians; they are the storytellers of the city's streets, narrating tales of struggle, ambition, and triumph. Their words and beats resonate beyond boundaries, captivating audiences and solidifying Mumbai's position as the epicenter of India's rap revolution. The melodic amalgamation of their music and narratives not only entertains but also reflects the spirit of a city that never sleeps, breathing life into the underground and mainstream music scenes alike.

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