Masoom Sharma Biography - The Rising Star of Haryanvi Music

Are you familiar with the Haryanvi sensation Masoom Sharma? A dreamer who once aspired to become a Bollywood star, Masoom Sharma's journey led him to a different kind of stardom. 

Masoom Sharma Biography - The Rising Star of Haryanvi Music

Masoom Sharma
Masoom Sharma

Today, he's adored not just in Haryana but by music lovers worldwide. Let's delve into the life of this talented singer, his family, hobbies, and much more.*

Early Life and Background

Born on March 27, 1991, in the picturesque village of Brahminwas, Jind, Haryana, Masoom Sharma's musical odyssey began in the heartland of Haryana. His roots in this culturally rich region profoundly influenced his musical inclinations. Supported by his parents, Masoom's journey into the world of music started early.

Musical Genesis

Masoom Sharma's affair with music began at a young age when he lent his voice to local events and festivals. His soulful melodies quickly earned him recognition in his hometown.

Musical Stardom:

The turning point in Masoom Sharma's musical career arrived with the release of his album, "Jalwa Haryana Ka," which introduced him to the world. However, his hit song, "Kothe Chad Lalkaru," skyrocketed him to fame. With a unique fusion of traditional Haryanvi folk music and modern beats, Masoom Sharma quickly became a fan favourite.

Personal Life:

Despite his rising fame, Masoom Sharma remains rooted in his humble beginnings. He continues to connect with his roots and occasionally returns to his hometown to interact with fans and inspire budding artists.

Height and Hobbies:

Masoom Sharma stands at 5 feet 8 inches and weighs 70 kilograms. Besides his singing prowess, he enjoys musical instruments like the guitar, tabla, and dholak. He also enjoys driving.


Favourite Preference
Favourite Actor Ranveer Singh
Favourite Sport Cricket
Favourite Actress Anushka Sharma
Favourite Vehicle Bullet, Audi Car
Favourite Colour Blue, White
Favourite Food Haryanvi Cuisine
Favourite Destinations Mumbai, Jaipur

Social Media Influence:

Please stay connected with Masoom Sharma through his Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube social media profiles.

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Family and Personal Life:

Masoom Sharma cherishes his family, which includes his parents, two brothers, and a sister. He's a loving husband to his wife, Rimpi, and they have a son together.

Top Songs/Albums:

Some of Masoom Sharma's memorable tracks include "Udte Teer," "Bhagatt Aadmi Tha," "Kothe Chad Lalkaru," "Daaku Daaku," and "Tuition Badmashi Kaa."

Contact Details:

For inquiries or collaborations, you can reach Masoom Sharma at his email address:

In conclusion, Masoom Sharma's journey from a small Haryanvi village to becoming a beloved Haryanvi singer is a testament to his talent, dedication, and the ability of music to transcend boundaries. His music continues to captivate audiences, and his contributions to Haryanvi music have etched a lasting legacy.

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